2022.7.8 Pressrelease

AURA - “Color of the Year 2022”

The “Color of the Year” series released from PLAISIR has been well received. Now in its fifth year, three colors themed PLAISIR”Aura” will be newly launched as limited edition of Plaisir in 2022, inspired by aura known as an energy field. To express the aura, white paint is first sprayed on the aluminum base and then polarized pearl is layered on top to give a fascinating radiance that changes depending on the light. The nib comes with a special alloy point resistant to wear that ensures quality. In addition, the built-in “Slip & Seal Mechanism” prevents ink from drying out in the pen even after a year, offering a stress-free smooth writing feel at any time.

#18 Merry Pink

A pink aura represents cheerfulness, excitement and vigor.

#47 Healing Green

A green aura means healing, growth and adaptability.

#57 Symphony Blue

A blue aura symbolizes spirituality, intuition and harmony.

A feeder of a matching color that creates a sense of unity with the body The feeder is also applied with a color that matches the pearl coating on the body to create a sense of unity when the cap is removed.


Product number:PGB-3600

Barrel color:#18 Merry Pink/#47 Healing Green/#57 Symphony Blue


Size:142.5mm (full length) ×15.0mm (max. diameter), average weight 15.4g


・Barrel, cap: Pearl coating on aluminum

・Grip: PMMA

・Clip: Chrome plating on spring steel

・Pen core: ABS

・Center ring: Chrome plating on brass

・Nib: Stainless steel