Casually Play With Colors

A pop and transparent body with colorful picks, "Preppy".
Simply changing the cartridge to different colors, you can be entertaining and casually play with colors.
It becomes useful not only in writing but when illustrating.

Well-polished stainless steel nib with a special alloy point resistant to abrasion allows to enjoy the taste of a full-fledged quality fountain pen.
It also equips a "slip seal mechanism" that maintains the ink moist even if it is not used for a year with the cap closed.

Preppy offers the thinnest nib 02 making the lines clean and easy to write in agendas or limited spaces.

It is being sold worldwide for 10 years and have reached over 10 million sales in 2017.

preppy'S LINEUP

  • PSQC-400 Preppy #4 Crystal

  • PSQ-400 Preppy #1 Black

  • PSQ-400 Preppy #3 Blue Black

  • PSQ-400 Preppy #11 Red

  • PSQ-300 Preppy #1 Black

  • PSQ-300 Preppy #3 Blue Black

  • PSQ-300 Preppy #11 Red

  • PSQ-300 Preppy #21 Pink

  • PSQ-300 Preppy #28 Violet

  • PSQ-300 Preppy #30 Yellow

  • PSQ-300 Preppy #41 Green

  • CSIQ-150 Preppy Refillable Marker #11 red

  • CSIQ-150 Preppy Refillable Marker #57 lightblue

  • CSCQ-150 Preppy Refillable Highlighter #30 Yellow

  • CSCQ-150 Preppy Refillable Highlighter #56 Blue

  • CSCQ-150 Preppy Refillable Highlighter #74 Pink

  • CSCQ-150 Preppy Refillable Highlighter #75 Orange

  • CSCQ-150 Preppy Refillable Highlighter #90 Green

  • CSIQ-150 5P パック

  • CSCQ-150 3P パック

  • STR-100 2パック

  • STS-100パック