Smooth Touch And Fine Lines

"Izumo" is a place where Japanese gods annually gather and it is still worshiped today since ancient times. It is also recognised for its production of Japanese paper "Washi" and it still remains as one of the places heavily engaged in writing tradition.
In Japanese, "Izumo" is written with Japanese characters that expresses clouds rising up towards the sky.
The "Izumo" brand derived from the founder Shunichi Nakata, who was born in Shimane Prefecture and a place surrounded by majestic nature and holy history. The supreme brand was established with the concept of clouds rising into the sky.
The "Izumo" brand is now certified by the city of Izumo, Shimane Prefecture as it serves high quality by each craftmen involved in its production.


  • PIZ-600000 ‘Kaga’ Maki-e "Takisansui" #56 Takisansui

  • PIZ-500000 ‘Kaga’ Maki-e "Hama no Matsu" #55 Hama no Matsu

  • PIZ-300000 ‘Kaga’ Maki-e "Hama no Matsu" #55 Hama no Matsu

  • PIZ-300000 ‘Kaga’ Maki-e "Urokomon" #93 Urokomon

  • PIZ-300000A ‘Aizu’ Maki-e "Aurora" #82 Aurora

  • PIZ-150000C Shikkoku Chikuringunkozu #1

  • PIZ-120000K

  • PBA-120000G Takeami #1 Ankokushoku

  • PBA-120000G Takeami #15 Benikabairo

  • PBA-120000Y Takeami #10 Torafu

  • PIZ-100000 Yakumonuri "Yakumo Byakudan" #19 Yakumo Byakudan

  • PIZ-80000N Yakumonuri "Ginsen Yakumo" "Togi Yakumo" #91 Ginsen Yakumo

  • PIZ-80000N Yakumonuri "Ginsen Yakumo" "Togi Yakumo" #92 Togi Yakumo

  • PIZ-55000 Tamenuri "Soratame" "Akatame" "Biwatame" #27 Soratame

  • PIZ-55000 Tamenuri "Soratame" "Akatame" "Biwatame" #28 Akatame

  • PIZ-55000 Tamenuri "Soratame" "Akatame" "Biwatame" #30 Biwatame

  • PIZ-50000T Tagayasan #20 Matte

  • PIZ-50000T Tagayasan #21 Gloss