Focus And Feel The Fine Texture

You can only reach its real “beauty” when you are not thinking of anything but focused.
Slim and simple design is the beauty of its touch and grip when in the hand.
The slim design allows the nib to also narrow down yet creating it flexible and a smooth texture when writing.

Not thinking about anything but staying focused also refers to the state of being “Zen” in the Japanese culture.
The "Flagship Model #3776 Century” will take you on a journey of remaining simple yet focusing on the touch of creativity and putting yourself in a state of zen.


  • PTL-20000H Kanazawa gold leaf "Goldfish" #24 Goldfish

  • PTL-20000H Kanazawa gold leaf "Changing Autumn Leaves" #46 Changing Autumn Leaves

  • PTL-20000H Kanazawa gold leaf "Swirling Petals of Cherry Blossom" #52 Swirling Petals of Cherry Blossom

  • PTL-20000H Kanazawa gold leaf "Red Mt. Fuji" #58 Red Mt. Fuji

  • PTL-20000H Kanazawa gold leaf "Moon & a Rabbit" #87 Moon & a Rabbit

  • PGB-12000M Modern Maki-e ‘Soryu’ #1 Black

  • PGB-12000M Modern Maki-e ‘Soryu’ #71 Shu

  • PTL-18000M Modern Maki-e "Phoenix" #17 Phoenix

  • PTL-18000M Modern Maki-e "Crane & Mt. Fuji" #18 Crane & Mt. Fuji

  • PTL-18000M Modern Maki-e "Bush Warbler" #31 Bush Warbler

  • PTL-10000 Vicoh #1 Black

  • PTL-10000 Vicoh #70 Red

  • PS-10000N Sheep #1

  • PS-10000N Sheep #56

  • PS-10000N Sheep #64

  • PS-10000N Sheep #70