Your Original Color With Your Hands

A fountain pen ink that allows you to create your original colors, “Mixable Ink”.
Easy to mix, one and only, your original color.
Mixing different ink depending on your mood, it will strongly reflect yourself when writing.
You can also change colors depending on the season or your daily fashion.

3 primary colors can mix into different colors but to emphasise your image, there are now 9 different colorways. The “liquid” will allow to adjust the richness and thickness your color.
The 20ml color bottles looks great on the table as a small interior design and when the sun light hits through, you can get an inspiration of your next original colorway.

Different colored ink stretches the fun of a fountain pen.

<ink color chart>

This is an example of mixable ink formulation.
(You can also adjust the ink density by using the special thinning liquid from the separately sold "Ink Mixing Kit.")


  • GVM-500 Empty Bottle #0

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #1 Smoke Black

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #11 Flame Red

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #21 Cyclamen Pink

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #28 Silky Purple

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #30 Sunny Yellow

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #41 Leaf Green

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #55 Aurora Blue

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #57 Aqua Blue

  • INKM-1000 Mixable Ink Mini #62 Earth Brown

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #1 Smoke Black

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #11 Flame Red

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #21 Cyclamen Pink

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #28 Silky Purple

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #30 Sunny Yellow

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #41 Leaf Green

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #55 Aurora Blue

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #57 Aqua Blue

  • INKM-1200 Mixable Ink #62 Earth Brown

  • ISV-1200 Mixable Ink Mixing Kit #4