Platinum Pen CO., LTD.

Platinum Fountain Pen will celebrate its 100th a nniversary in 2019. Since 1919, when the company was founded by Shunichi Nakata, we have been pursuing the ideal writing instruments.

1919 - 1968


Founder, Shunichi Nakata starts a Fountain Pen business. Exports brands such as Champion, Piiton and 555. Piiton are inscribed in a catalog until about 1938.


Starts to transform from a writing brush to a new age fountain pen modeled by Onoto and Waterman.


Establish Nakaya Seisakusho, a company that makes and sales fountain pen in Ueno, Tokyo.


Sells Founrain Pen created by Maki-e artists at the time: Ohara Gyokusendo Rosui, Shuuzan, Gyokumei, Housen and others.


Obtains trademark No. 85809.


From 1925 to around 1930, exports 24,000 fountain pens annually to Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. In 1940, shipped to the Nanpo Islands, Korea, Manchuria, Qingdao and Taiwan.


Begins catalog retailing (mail order era).


Made-to-order production of Obunsha branded fountain pens for students.


Hakkin brand, which is a chrome-plated metal balance type with a black shaft, is released.


Company becomes Tokyo Weapons Co., Ltd. Consistently manufactures about 400 Zero fighter planes. On November 9th, the company changed from Nakaya Seisakusho to Platinum Fountain Pen Co., Ltd. A capital of 198,000 yen and 50 employees.


Platinum New Style A-S1 became a big hit. Starts streamline production of metal caps utilizing the metal technology developed from manufacturing fighter planes.


Changes the name of the company that emphasizes on exports to "Platinum Industry Co., Ltd.". Marks the first batch of exports. The brands are varied depending on the export destinations such as PRESIDENT (UK), PRESIDENTE (Spain), Engel (Germany), Joker 60 (Greece) and HIFRA (South Africa).


Chougin Pure Silver 1950 Mt. Fuji are released.


Automatic plastic molding machine was implemented from the United Kingdom.


Succeeds in welding iridium to stainless steel pen. Manufactures 10-year pen plan (10-year guarantee of pen tips) Large 14K gold nib with iridium on stainless pen 30 YEARS #10, 50 YEARS #10 and #15. Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) are adopted. Obtains No. 3250 and the pen nib is engraved with the JIS mark.


Honest Pen named after "Honest John", the most advanced American missile at the time, is released.


YONESS desk pen is released. Recommends companies such as Yamaichi Securities to use self-priming desk pens.


Puts the world's first cartridge type fountain pen into practical use. Restarts the service that repairs fountain pens within 24 hours around the world.


Platinum Honest 60 is released (in hopes of controlling the market in 1960). One 60-type cartridge has the capacity of 1.7cc and 60 drops. With 1 drop being good for 800 characters, it's advertised as being capable to write 48,000 characters. Stainless steel balls are adopted from the new 60 cartridge.


Completes Honest 66, which uses the world's highest capacity cartridge ink. The first issue of the internal newsletter, "Platinum" is published .


Platinum 18, which has an 18K gold pentagonal nib, is released. With horizontal writing of business documents becoming common, it prevents the lateral shift of the pen tip. In June 1962, the first issue of "Platinum News" is launched for customers. Switches back the company name to Platinum Fountain Pen from Platinum Industry.


About 200 employees are hired including new college graduates (1,400 total employees). The company president served in the governmental post of Tokyo metropolitan assembly. Elected Tokyo metropolitan assemblyman by the citizens four times.


Establishes a factory in Colombo, which is the capital city of Ceylon (current Sri Lanka, located east of the southern tip of India). Platinum pocket PK-1000 and PKB-2000 18K (size 11.5 cm) are released. Platinum 18 "Flower" is released (PSG-2000).Soft Pen, which has a touch of a brush and a pen is released. Platinum 18K (matted barrel, section with gold plated inlay long size) floral design on the ring. Platinum 18K gold plated cap, black section and grip with inlay long size. Decorated pattern on the flower cap (for Ladies) Body Matte is released. Platinum 18K body golden finish cap decorated for men's wear. PB-2000, 3000 and 6000 (all of them are black and long size). Soft Pen (Pocket).


Platinum Knock (one-touch knock type) is released. 14K and 18K (pentagon shaped). "Johnny's Nine Show" starts October and serves as title sponsor until April 16, 1966. PK-1500 and pocket size (with inlaid, flower in the ring) are released.


Is awarded Ryokujyu Medal Green Ribbon Medal, the highest award in the industry for acquiring foriegn currency. Novel by Founder Shunichi Nakata, "Oh Fusetsu Fifty Years" is published. Showroom in Ueno Hirokoji is completed at the end of 1966. "Johnny's Seven Show" starts April 22 and lasts until September. "Platinum Golden Show" starts on October 9.


The world's first fountain pen with a platinum nib Platinum · Platinum (inital type) is released. Sterling silver. Body, cap and detailed lattice pattern is decorated with rhodium plating. Platinum Sheep, the world's first fountain pen with sheep skin rolling, is released.

1968 - 2008


Stainless steel platinum pocket 18K is released. Tulip (without clip) 14K with a sheath is released. Platinum sheep flower-patterned 18K is released (poppy, poinsettia, margaret are added). Construction of the second factory, built next to the Kamata factory is completed (incorporates injection molding machine). On October 7, Founder and President Shunichi Nakata dies at age 66. Commercial song for the Platinum brand is produced. (Lyrics: Jyun Hashimoto, Composition: Koichi Sugiyama, Title: My Platinum). Toshihiro Nakata is appointed president.


"Platinum Golden Show" marks its 160 show. In June, the brand logo "P" is selected (designer: Mitsuo Ishida, a member of the Japan Advertising Artists Club). Platinum sheep, a leather made fountain pen with a platinum nib with inlay is released. Yoshinaga Sayuri and others Celebrities (Souhachi Yamaoka, Yasushi Akutagawa, Hanae Mori, Somegoro Ichikawa) appear in Platinum TV commercials. "7 colors" (Commericial featuring Sayuri Yoshinaga). Royal blue is added to the color of cartridge ink (12 small-size units). Classic-style fountain pen PB-5000 with 18K pen is released. Fountain pens with pure gold Higo inlaid and 18K PT-3000 with a 7 color hairline finish are released. PP-24000 with a gold and silver alloy body and platinum nib. Platinum pocket (made of stainless steel) 18K (Platinum nib).


Platinum · 22 PK22-3000, a pocket sized 22K model is released. Platinum · 22 with a silver cap is released. Platinum silver 18K (silver-cladded male and female sizes) is released. More than 2,500 domestic dealers. The world's first 23K pen PK23-3000 is released (Platinum 23). Platinum Desk Pen (golf type) is released.


Since the start of "Johnny's Nine Show" in 1965, after a little over 6 years, "Seven Show" and "Golden Show" end in April. Platinum Capsule is released. Platinum Fashion Pen (cotton upholstered with 6 colors) is released. New company building (4 floors including a basement floor) is completed. Platinum White 22K (6 patterns) and Platinum Jewel are released. Platinum black (medium point) is released. "Platinum Saturday" giveaway starts in October, gifts useful for daily use (gives away small gifts to customers on Saturdays).


6 types of fountain pens that make use of precious metal sheep leather (floral design) is released Platinum White (Flower and Summer Series) and PKH-3000 18K (W-structure frame) are released.Platinum Cherry (wooden body), a handmade fountain pen that accentuates the wood grain is released. Harepane is released. Final issue of "Platinum News" (No. 152) is published.


Platinum Amazonas (Pipa pipa), PKT-3000 and 4 new sheep leather patterns are released. "Platinum Golden Show" restarts (Sundays at 6:30 p.m.). Expands Platinum brands to 13 countries through distributors.


Opens a factory in Taiwan. 5 patterns of Sheep Leather Yuzen dyeing series and Platinum Angle are released.


Craftwork 'Tsuishu' fountain pen PJ-10000 and PSL-5000 (made of stainless steel) are released.


Love Piece mechanical pencil is released. PGS-25000, PGS-15000, PJ-6000 and PSB-6000 (bamboo and pheasant) are released. PSR-15000 and PAR-5000 (Rivière) are released.。


Establishes a sales subsidiary in New York. Rivière (with ceramic) is released. Angle (mechanical pen) and Full Full (ballpoint pen) are released. PSR-25000A (18 KWG), a beautiful silver alloy fountain pen with a wave and wind theme is released. Spring Giants Sale ("Giant owns baseball! Platinum owns Fountain Pen") starts. Leather-wrapped luxury fountain pen PSN-15000 (crocodile) is released. PSN-10000A, B and C (lizard, snake, shark) are released. PKW-5000 (Two-Way 14K) and PSC-15000, a stylish fountain pen with chain are released. PSJ-16000 (18 KWG) with an elegant small loop pattern is released. Sales peak of fountain pens (1972-1977).


Big Shine, which commemorates the Emperor's birth, is released. Limited reproduction of Hayakawa-type mechanical pencil. Pressman a large smooth touch 0.9 mm lead (mechanical pencil for shorthand). Initial type Double action is released. #3776 "Ideal fountain pen" is released. Melody Harmony Ballpoint Pen and Double-Knock Mechanical Pen are released. Mechanical pencil (Meka Pen MP-200) is released. License agreement with Playboy Enterprises, Inc. "Playboy" brand high-end total stationery is released.


Berage fountain pens (rouge, cocoa, military, sky blue) are released. Berage series PMB-5000 (wins the Good Design Award). PFB-5000 and PFB-7000 are released. Platinum Hayaai is released. First-generation Preppy is released.


Writing Watch is released. (Ballpoint pen).


Signed a license agreement (for writing instruments, leather goods and paper products) with COURREGES, DESIGN, SA. [ixi: z]-branded product is released.


Signed a license agreement (for fountain pens and ballpoint pens) with WALT DISNEY ENTERPRISES.


With the concept of shrinking the #3776, Glamour Series is released.


To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the company, the finest handmade fountain pen that utilizes traditional technology is released. (Arabesque filigree is made of platinum, gold, silver, letter wood, ebonite, and celluloid).


A general purpose Platinum A-Pen is released. 12-color non-refillable E-Pen is also released.


Soft-gripped "Glamour" mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen are released. Copy harelum.


Ballpoint pen with pearl, Pearl of Princess is released. Limited release of reproduced Hayakawa-type mechanical pencil.


Harvard-branded product is released.


Photo Harepane Non Dust and Photo Harepane are released. Double Action with antibacterial material is released.


Mechanical pencil that lets you write until the lead is down to its last millimeter, Zero Shin is released. Commercial for ZeroShin is ran on TV.80th anniversary fountain pens "Kin Sukashi", "Gin Sukashi" and "Raden" are pre-released.


Yaku-sugi cedar fountain pen is released.


ZeroShin is released.


The 80th anniversary model and Y2K model are released (millennium anniversary fountain pen).


Akepane is released.


ZeroShin Glamour Mini (with eco-label) is released.


Limited reproduction of Hayakawa-type sharp mechanical pencil.


Traditional craft forged metal Platinum · Platinum is released.


Glamour soft (ballpoint pen・mechanical pencil) is released.


30th anniversary Double Action pure silver model is released.


To commemorate the 40th anniversary of writing instruments wrapped in genuine leather, "Genuine leather wrapped Double Action" is released.


To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the company, carbon body fountain pen is released.

2009 - 2019


The second president, Toshihiro Nakata passes away at age 73. Toshiya Nakata is named CEO. OLEeNU mechanical pencil with a lead breaking resistant mechanism is released. Limited reproduction and release of Hayakawa-type sharp mechanical pencil


A new brand "Izumo" is released. Plaisir fountain pen with a slip and seal mechanism is released. Ink cleaner kit and double-action pocket are released (adjustable length).


"#3776 Century" is released as the first full model change in 33 years of the #3776. Limited release of the transparent model Fuji Five Lake Series "Motosu". Mixable Ink is released.


#3776 Century Burgundy wins Japan Stationery of the Year Award. "Izumo" is recognized as an Izumo brand certified product (from the city of Izumo). Three types of the series "Soushitsu", a calligraphy pen produced by calligrapher Souun Takeda are released. Hane Kofude" is released." Sexagenary cycle Black Dragon Limited items is released.


To add to the lineups of Soushitsu, the cartridge type calligraphy pen "Hane Kofude" is released. Sikkoku Anei Taketora Ouzu is released.


OLEeNU Shield with a strengthened lead breaking resistant mechanism is released. #3776 Century Nice is released.


"Izumo Byakudan", "Ginsen Yakumo" and "Togi Yakumo" are released as part of the Izumo series. Kanazawa Haku fountain pens are released (Soryu). #3776 Century Rhodium Finish is released.


"Takisansui", "Hama no Matsu" and "Urokomon" are released as part of the Izumo series. Vicoh brand "Soryu" is released. 38 years since its release, 5 new colors of the mechanical pencil for shorthand "Pressman" are additionally released. New Platinum wrapping paper set is released. Limited release of #3776 Century "Kawaguchi", which is the final model of the Fuji Five Lake Series. (Snowdomes were produced to commemorate the series 5)


Limited quantity release of Fuji Shunkei Series # 3776 Century "Shungyo". Preppy fountain pens reaches 10 million units, and a version with renewed design is released.


Oshino (#3776 Century), a fountain pen that pursues transparency, is released. A new star Procyon is born.


The company will celebrate its 100th year. 100th year anniversary model will be released.