Corporate name : PLATINUM PEN CO., LTD.
Headquarters : 2-5-10, Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8622, Japan
Foundation : 1919
Operation : 1942
Year end August 31th
Capital stocks : 100,000,000 yen

Overseas Network
We have joint companies in Taiwan, China and Vietnam They produce writing instruments and sell.
Shanghai Platinum Pen Co.,Ltd (Production, Sale)
Office Shanghai(China)
Establishment December, 1993
Platinum Precision Manufacture (Shen-Zhen) Ltd. (Production)
Office Shen-zhen (China)
Establishment July, 1991
Leo Ju Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Production, Sale)
Office Taiwan
Establishment September, 2002
Vietnam Platinum Pen Co.,Ltd. (Production, Sale)
Office Ho chi minh (Vietnam)
Establishment ;February, 2007

Message from the President

Thank you very much for your support for Platinum products and viewing our website.

As you will note from our company name , we started as a fountain pen manufacturing company in 1919.

Making of fountain pens needs many technologies such as capillarity action which requires ink to flow effortlessly through a very narrow channel; our newest technology of fountain pens that do not dry out when left capped over long periods of time, chemical, metallurgy and the latest technologies in design engineering.

Also, Platinum Pen created the cartridge style ink for the first time in the world.

By utilizing this technology, we have been producing reusable products for several types of writing instruments such as fluorescent markers and ink markers for many years that do not have to be discarded after one or two uses so that they can also protect the environment and be Eco-friendly.  Also, we have been manufacturing single-use products so that government and business workers can use them widely in terms of economy and ecology.  

We deliver products to customers using some of the finest raw materials and engineering knowledge available.
As manufacturers, we believe our mission is to take you a bit closer to the future today, while, taking advantage of our long history and experience, integrating new materials and new technologies to bring you improved products for your everyday living.

You our customers’ pleasure becomes our pleasure, to the end that we want you to continue as our customer as we search each day
for more and better ways to make products that give you pleasure as you use them. 

We want you to think about Platinum for your future needs in all ways that our products can serve you.

'' Is customers' pleasure our pleasure? ''

'' Will customers think they would like to use Platinum pen again? ''


''Do we really do our best for our customers all the time?''

Please know that we will always put forth our best efforts to please you, our customer

PLATINUM Co., and I will make an effort to serve our customers back to basics.


Toshiya Nakata, CEO  
  Hobby and favorite things:
・Walk eat
・Traditional artworks (Maki-e, porcelain)
・Astronomy ( The solar system) NASA, Space engineering
・Sumo wrestling
・From 1568 Kyoto until 1582.

PLATINUM movie corroborate with Hajime Tsutsui.

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A company profile

1919 Syunchi Nakata started writing instruments manufacturing.
1924 Company is named as Nakaya Seisakusho.
Company name is changed to Platinum Pen Company.
1930 Started manufacturing Maki-e pens, including lacquer carving, pearl inlay and pens with the Kanshitsu-rough volcanic-type surface.
1948 Launched the first water-based ballpoint pen.
1952 Improved manufacturing technology by adopting injection molding technology, first in Japan
1957 Manufactured fountain pens that accommodated ink cartridges.
1978 Introduced the model 3776 fountain pen.
"3776" model is named after the height of Mount Fuji, which is 3776 meters tall.
1981 The New York Modern Museum of Art displayed Platinum's Z pen.
1993 Produced the Pearl of Princess pen, in honour of the Imperial Wedding in Japan
1994 Established manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China and started
manufacturing low-end writing instruments.