#62 Yakusugi

Each pen is carefully crafted from natural cedar wood from trees grown in
Yakushima Island, regarded as National Treasure of Japan. Some are several
thousand years old.Their wood is especially prized for its color, beautiful grain and
light weight. The Yakusugi Cedar is wonderful expression of the wood worker's art,
with rich grain perfectly complimented by a glowing light of brown color.
Each piece is carefully shaped from hand selected pieces of this precious
material and finished to exacting standards.

Please enjoy the fragrance in the scent bag which the potpourri of the Yakusugi Cedar is in.

14K Gold
Fine(F), Medium(M), Broad(B)
Model No. #62(F) 1800622
Model No. #62(M) 1800623
Model No. #62(B) 1800624
For Nib point size Sample, please access here
Yaku-Sugi(cedar) body
146.9mm(Full length) x 15.2mm(Max. diameter)
YAKU 4000255