Limited sale of the Yagumonuri fountain pen, the third release in the “Izumo brand,” a fountain pen created by craftsmen through careful study of the materials and advanced technique.
A sacred ritual known as Dai-Sengu to restore the roof of the main hall in Izumo Taisha (“Izumo Grand Shrine”) will be conducted for the first time in 60 years in May 2013.Restoring the main hall has special significance for the gods enshrined there andwill be the biggest job and most important ritual around the Izumo area. A limited number of special fountain pens will be sold in commemoration of the shrine’s biggest ritual, which is dedicated to the gods believed to have created the origins of Japan’s history.

Izumo-no-kuni (Izumo Province) is a production area for Japanese paper, making it extremely profound when it comes to writing. Shunichi Nakata, founder of Platinum Pen, christened the new brand name of “Izumo” in 2010with the cooperation of officials from Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture to acknowledge the birthplace of the company as Shimane in Izumo-no-kuni. The brand has also been designated as one of the “Izumo brands” recognized by Izumo City. The name Yagumonuri, a traditional craft from the town of Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture, has been given to the third fountain pen to come out of the Izumo series.

■Yagumonuri explained

Numerous processes are involved in the time-consuming and delicate practice of Yagumonuri, where a pattern drawn in bright, colored lacquer is sprinkled with metal or colored powder (maki-e) and then overlain with several coats of transparent lacquer. As time passes, the lacquer becomes increasingly transparent and the pattern really starts to emerge, changing into a deep, rich pattern within a glossy finish. This gives it a mysterious feel.

The motif of the pattern is a sea of clouds, the symbol of Izumo. The profound expressiveness of Yagumonuri completes an awe-inspiring tone. Our aim is for the pen to make you think of the myths surrounding the creation of Japan each time you hold it.

Izumo-Yagumonuri fountain pen
Limited release of 300 pens

#18 Yagumo

NIB 18Kt gold
Point Fine(F), Medium(M), Broad(B)
Yagumonuri finish on ebonite body
Size 154.0mm (Total length) x18.0mm(Maximum diameter)
Weight 33.5g
Package Izumo box made of paulownia wood (4000061); Paper package-KIKU 4K gift-wrapping paper-Special size

In Japan there are four seasons that become the turning points of life.
People have harmonized with nature, created cultures, and have lived those times. In the remote past, the pantheons of Japan gathered in IZUMO Taisha once a year (Izumo Taisha ; It is one of the most ancient and important Shinto shrines in Japan. Located In Izumo, Shimane Prefecture). IZUMO myths had a big influence on the structure of Japan where people were prospering. 出雲 IZUMO means the cloud is heavenward, in other words, progress and creation were prevanlent. We will produce traditional crafts with the originally of IZUMO.

Platinum Pen Co., founder Shunichi Nakata was born in IZUMO where a magnificent nature and a mysterious history exists.
We make these products of the clouds that will look heavenward, Platinum Pen creates the birth of a new brands called ‘IZUMO’.

The urushi fountain pen have been performed by traditional experience craftsmen.

#29 kurotame
#28 akatame
#27 soratame
#30 biwatame

Point Fine(F), Medium(M), Broad(B)
Bombay Black Wood ( Tagayasan )
Size 164mm(full length)×180mm( max diameter)
Weight 34.5g

The history of Urusi lacquer goes back to the Stone Age.
The timeless art of Urushi has for centuries brought to life the intricate depth of Japanese history and culture.

‘NURI(Urushi coating) has many coating techniques.
Tamenuri (Urushi lacquer) has many process. All process have been performed by traditional experienced craftsman.
A vivid beautiful urushi lacquer finish will be increased in beauty over time, you can be proud of Urushi lacquer fountain pen.
The URUSHI fountain pen will outlast an original owner by many generations and passed on for each succeeding generation to enjoy treasure.


#20  matte-tagayasan
#21 gloss-tagayasan

Point Fine(F), Medium(M), Broad(B)
Bombay Black Wood ( Tagayasan )
Size 164mm(full length)×18.2mm( max diameter)
Weight 38g
■‘鉄刀木’(Tagayasan 鉄:Iron 刀:Sword 木:Wood).
  Bombay Black Wood.

The name Tagayasan comes from the meaning ‘that which is as hard as a‘Sword of Iron ’.
Its origin sword because in Asia.
It is used for furniture ,interior decoration wood, stick, wooden sword because of the very hard wood.
To prevent any change in the wood, we dry this wood for 20 days to emit the water in the wood.
The craftsmen finish and grind these wood parts by hand.
The warmth of the wood will feel good in your hand.