Touch screen pen + ballpoint pen 0.7  Black/Red/Blue

#9 Silver
#21 Pink
#56 Blue

Most conventional touch screen pens employ silicone rubber for the tip and this rubber causes friction when used on a tablet surface, resulting in weak response. To resolve this problem, we developed a highly sensitive touch screen pen that employs high-tech conductive fibers based on our unique shape technology (patent-pending), a world-first, with the aim of ensuring stress-free handwriting and drawing in addition to basic operation.

1. The stylus is made of high-tech conductive fibers that maintain performance without reducing sensitivity even after being used 30,000 times in a frictional wear test. The fibers enable response with even the lightest touch for smooth writing that is second to none. In addition, the fibers contain copper, thereby providing antibacterial effects.

2. We succeeded in developing a stylus with a minimum size of 5mm (spherical diameter) by way of a world first structure for the conductive fibers. Thanks to that... 
2-1@It is easier to see text and icons on the screen, resulting in fewer mistakes.

2-2 The spherical shape enables consistent sensitivity no matter which angle the pen is used. This results in exceptional response, making it ideal for diverse applications, from basic operation to authentic art.  

3. A single pen can handle multiple functions. It is both a convenient oil-based ballpoint pen in three colors as well as a touch screen pen, thereby supporting a variety of business scenes that include day planners, documents and smartphones.

4. It is possible to replace the touch screen pen tip and ballpoint pen refills (sold separately) so the pen is always as good as new.

œTouch mechanism-1000 (4501149) (Includes 2 units)

Multi-function pen
œ Refillable ballpoint pen Refill: BSP-100S (#1 Black, #2 Red, #3 Blue)
œ Replacement for conductive part Touch mechanism-1000 (4501149) (Includes 2 units)
œ Product specifications
Body axis/upper axis F Metallic coating on brass
Center ring F Chrome plating on brass
Clip F Chrome plating on steel spring
Crown F Chrome plating on brass
Conductive component F Foamed silicone rubber incorporated into the conductive fibers
œ Dimensions 134mm (full length)~10mm (max. diameter)
œ Standard weight 19.6g
œ Package BOX-C6(4000044)
œ Place/method of printing name on pen Body axis, upper axis/Silk print, pat print

Mini ballpoint pen for touch screens

#1 Shine Black
#9 Silver 
#24 Cherry
#59 Royal Blue
#98 Shadow Metal

*gBlister packh

Product features

This pen has incorporated silicone parts for touch screen capability into a ballpoint pen for day planners. The bi-functionality makes it possible for users to write on digital terminals as well as paper such as day planners and notebooks. Particular thought was given to portability and we succeeded in making the pen both light and durable thanks to the use of a very fine metal axis. The flexibility of the silicone used for the part that touches the liquid crystal display ensures that the display remains protected from excessive writing pressure. 

Mini ballpoint pen for touch screens
œ Functions

Bi-functional pen (1) Ballpoint pen 0.5mm (ultrafine, black) and (2) capacitance type touch screen pen

œ Product specifications Body (aluminum) ring parts (chrome plating on brass)
Clip (chrome plating on steel spring), part that touches screen (silicone)
œ Dimensions 127mm (full length)~6.4mm (max. diameter)
œ Weight 6.4g

[Smartphone gloves for men and women]

Black (non-slip type) Dark blue(non-slip type) Pink
Purple Charcoal Black•Grey

The fingertips of the gloves incorporate high-tech conductive fibers, which means they donft need to be taken off when using a smartphone, such as when outdoors in a wintery location.
There are six styles to choose from based on the latest fashion styles

šCan be operated smoothly with any finger, including taps, flicks and pinches.
šThe liquid crystal screen does not get covered with finger marks.
šCan be washed and will not shrink. Performance will not decline upon cleaning.
šUses elasticmaterial for a perfect fit.

*Tap (when selecting icon, etc.) *Flick (sliding a screen to the side) *Pinch (making photos, etc. bigger and smaller)

[Pen cap for smartphone]

Pink lame Black lame Black

This pen cap incorporates high-tech conductive fibers so that any pen you are carrying can be instantly transformed into a touch screen pen simply by putting the cap on. As such, pens used for writing on paper can also be used as a simple touch screen pen for a smartphone. The cap employs the same material as the smartphone gloves to ensure exceptional operability.