April 24, 2017
Release of gPRO-USE 171,h the next generation mechanical pencil!

Drastic improvements have been made to the PRO-USE series, which has been well received as a mechanical pencil for professional drafting. We are now releasing gPRO-USE 171,h a new mechanical pencil that allows you to select a specific writing feel.

In recent years, more people have begun to use mechanical drafting pencils for daily use. Mechanical drafting pencils are specially designed with a low center gravity and non-slippery grip to assist in drawing a stable line while also providing a comfortable writing feel. On the other hand, a weak point is that the lead breaks easily when too much writing pressure is applied.

To ensure continuous writing quality, PRO-USE 171 applies the gSafety Slide Mechanism,h a built-in mechanism used in lead-free mechanical pencils such as the gPRESS MANh and gOLEeNUh series.

gSnork Systemh is applied to let you select the writing feel of your choice!
The application of the Safety Slide Mechanism does not fully provide the writing feel that a mechanical drafting pencil can offer. Therefore the gSnork Systemh was developed. With our PRO-USE 171, the users can enjoy two types of writing feel: the delicate feel of the lead on the paper, or a stable feel, with unbreakable lead even when applying strong pressure. Also, as the length of the lead pipe is changed by rotating the tip of the pencil, you can adjust the height against a ruler, or paper, to obtain the writing feel of your choice.

  gSnork Systemh(click the Video button)@  

PRO-USE 171 Mechanical Pencil
Product number: MSDA-1500A 0.3mm #9 Silver 4977114-211607
MSDA-1500B 0.5mm #56 Blue 4977114-211614
MSDA-1500C 0.7mm #1 Black 4977114-211621
MSDA-1500D 0.9mm #3 White 4977114-211638
Material: ABS resin
Clip: Chrome plating on iron
Taper: Chrome plating on brass
Gripper: Chrome plating on brass
Size: 145.2mm ~10mm (max. diameter), average weight 23.1g
Replacement parts: Eraser-100A1
Name imprinting: Body: Silk printing, pad printing