February 6, 2017

Fountain Pen Ink that You Can Enjoy the Changes in Color A Release of Six New Colors for gCLASSIC INKh Produced with Traditional Method

Launch of ink that changes colors, enhancing the joy of using fountain pens

Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will release six new colors of gCLASSIC INKh produced using a traditional method.

Fountain pen inks that are produced using traditional methods have many times been replaced with an ink that is made by mixing dye inks due to their time-consuming production techniques. Meanwhile, Platinum Pen is currently the only company in Japan that manufactures blue black ink in a classic way.

The ink color that is bright when you start writing becomes gradually black. It is also highly water resistant and suitable for permanent preservation. This time, we have paid close attention to the process of changes in color of the classic ink, and have released six new colors with the aim to enhance the joy of using fountain pens. Emphasis on the shading has been placed, offering a rich deep writing. Please try our CLASSIC INK that will further expand the ability to enjoy writing with the fountain pens.

*Sediment may be deposited at the bottom of the bottle over time, but this does not affect a quality or performance of the ink.

œProduct number: INKK-2000
œInk color: #15 Cassis Black, #44 Forest Black, #47 Citrus Black,
#61 Khaki Black, #66 Sepia Black, #86 Lavender Black
œSpecifications: Quantity: 60cc in a glass bottle
œSize: D57mm ~ W57mm ~ H63mm
Average weight 180g