October 13, 2016

The Best Model of the gOLEeNU,h a Mechanical Pencil Series
that Protects the Lead from Any External Shock, Is Finally Released

Launch of gOLEeNU+h that is two times more resistant
than the first gOLEeNUh model

On October 20, 2016, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will release gOLEeNU+,h which boasts the strongest lead resistant structure in the series. The Company released gOLEeNUh in 2009 as its first lead resistant mechanical pencil model, followed by gOLEeNU Shieldh with improved functions in 2014.

The gOLEeNUh series, which protects the lead from the shock of falling or pressure of the writing, has been gaining a good reputation especially among students for some such noted points as being stressed free and not interrupting the flow of thought. As a result of pursuing the improvement on the lead resistance, gLead Tank Guard,h a new structure that reduces the vibration of the lead tank from the shock of falling was developed. Consequently, the lead resistance of gOLEeNU+h improved by approximately twice of that of the first gOLEeNUh model in a drop test.

The lead tends to break while writing and from a continuous shock it gets while being carried in a pen case. It makes you stressed out if the lead is broken when you are about to write. We hope our customers experience the stress freedom of the breaks of lead on variety of scenes with the improved gOLEeNU+h with a number of functions against the break of lead.
*Measurement of number of times of a meter height horizontal drop until the lead inside the taper breaks.

About gOLEeNU+h New Structure
The inner sleeve of the mechanical pencil is extended towards back of the pencil in order to reduce the vibration from the exterior shock (Lead Tank Guard).

Dual Structure Pen Tip Cover Improves Lead Resistance By 100%!

The biggest feature of gOLEeNU SHIELDh is the dual structure of the pen tip cover. Firstly, the outside wall joins firmly together to hold the body, building the sense of unity between the pen tip cover and the body. This provides and guards the whole parts of OLEeNU Mechanism. The durability of the lead inside the pen tip cover is improved as a result of the bending strength. Secondly, the inner wall holds the lead protecting further from exterior shock, providing the lead resistance by 100% (in comparison with our existing products). The two walls work as a single shield minimizing the breaking of the lead.

Trusted Lead Resistance gOLEeNU Mechanismh

OLEeNU Shield applies gOLEeNU Mechanism,h the proven technology as a lead resistant mechanical pencil.

gOLEeNU+h Mechanical Pencil
Product number: MOLS-450
Body color: #3 White, #24 Cherry Pink, #47 Lime Green, #57 Cerulean Blue, #98 Gunmetal
Specifications: Body (AS resin +TPE (Elastomer));
Taper, and Knock (ABS resin);
Clip (SnCo plating on iron)
Size: 152mm (full length) ~10.6mm (max. diameter)
Weight 8.9g