May 25, 2015

Rhodium Model Designed Not to Dry Out Is Newly Released
from the #3776 CENTURY Series Fountain Pen

Cool Look with a Popular Style of Silver Decoration on Metallic Part

On June 1, 2015, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will start sales of the rhodium models of gBlack diamondh and gChartres blueh from the g#3776 CENTURY series,h which is our representative fountain pen known for gnot drying out.h It is a higher grade model, which the nib and metallic parts are decorated with classy rhodium.

Rhodium finish is a coating using a rhodium, a valuable precious metal. It is also known as platinum coating or platinum finish. In appearance, a silver color glow, which is also applied in a lot of jewelries, provides more of the sophisticated look than a gold color when the pen clip is seen in your chest pocket. Also, rhodium has a lot of benefits in terms of functions such as its level of hardness, which is resistant to scratches and guarantees durability and brilliance for a long time. To appreciate these factors, a use of rhodium is very suitable for a fountain pen.

Although a gold pen is a common image of a fountain pen, recently, a silver decoration is gaining popularity regardless of gender. In order to meet customer needs, we have prepared two colors of a rhodium finish barrel.

The gBlack diamondh was made particular in a texture of the barrel, incorporating a factor as jewelry to make it suitable as a writing instrument for adults. A black diamond is applied as a motif providing a unique black deep translucent barrel. At a glance, it appears to be a shiny black barrel. However, a transparent material is used in a barrel, so inside the barrel is seen through in the degree of light creating a mysterious image of a black diamond.

The gChartres blueh has incorporated the image of the blue color of the stained glasses in the Chartres Cathedral in France, which are said to be the most beautiful glasses in the world. The Chartres Cathedral is one of the three major cathedrals in France and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The stained glasses that have a historic value are from the 11th to the 13th centuries and are known worldwide for their beauty. Particularly, the blue color, which is illuminated by light, expresses both deep and clear feelings and it is called gChartres blue.h It emanates an impressive brightness, which is nowhere near as other colors making a strong impression on one. The model was made with the image of the sacred color.

Comes with a blotter card (blotter paper) with a serial number for the first 2,000 pens.

7 Black diamond
Comes with a blotter card (blotter paper)
with a serial number for the first 2,000 pens
#51 Chartres blue
Comes with a blotter card (blotter paper)
with a serial number for the first 2,000 pens

3776 CENTURY rhodium g Black diamond h / g Chartres blue h
Product number: PNB-15000CR #7 Black diamond, #51 Chartres blue
Specifications: Nib: 14K gold (rhodium finish)
Barrel, cap, crown: AS resin
Cover ring, gold ring, upper ring, rear ring: Rhodium finish on brass
Clip: Rhodium finish on beryllium copper
Size: 139.5 mm (full length) ~ 15.4mm (max. diameter), average weight 20.5g