August 24, 2017

Izumo Fountain Pen Sumiko Taka Maki-e
gShikkoku Chikuringunkozuh (Tiger in the Bamboo Forest)
Fountain Pen

Shunichi Nakata, the founder of Platinum Pen, launched the Izumo series in 2010 with the help of local craftsmen and the cooperation of officials from Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture. The name was chosen to acknowledge the birthplace of the founder. We are now launching gShikkoku Chikuringunkozuh (tiger in the bamboo forest), adding to our Izumo series shikkoku collection, following last yearfs release of gKurikara-ken.h

Gunkozu is a panel painting, believed to be the work of Tanyu Kano, in which tigers in a bamboo forest are drawn dynamically and with a unique style. On this fountain pen, a tiger with crossed front legs emerging from the bamboo forest is used as a motif.

The illustration is drawn over the jet-black matte body with sumikoage taka maki-e technique, using charcoal powder, called shoen, in several layers to provide a three dimensional look. The shadow produced by the height of the charcoal powder layers gives depth to the image, so as the barrel catches the light, the illustration is enhanced.

It is a fountain pen that embodies refined Japanese traditional craftwork, as the image of the tiger becomes glossier the more it is used.

Tiger Symbolism in Japan

Originally the tiger was presented, through images and books, as one of the Four Divine Beasts from China. It was considered a legendary creature since it was never seen in Japan. Due to its powerful image, the tiger has been favored by warriors since ancient times as a symbol of strength. Its likeness was also featured as decoration on buildings and armor.

Izumo Fountain Pen
Sumiko Taka Maki-e gShikkoku Chikuringunkozuh
(Tiger in the Bamboo Forest)

Product number: PIZ-150000C
Body color: #1 Chikuringunkozu
Size: 154mm (134mm full length when writing), 18mm (max. diameter); average weight 33.8g
Specifications: Barrel, cap: (Sumiko taka maki-e on ebonite body)
Clip :(Beryllium copper on matte ruthenium finish)
Grip: (AS resin)
Nib: 18K gold wide (18-21L) ruthenium finish
Fine, Medium, Broad
Accessories: Ink bottle (30cc Blue black ink)
One blue black Cartridge ink
Converter (Exclusive for Izumo shikkoku series, black matte finish converter)
Pen pouch
Exclusive box made of paulownia wood

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