June 23, 2017

New Product Specifications
Black Harepane (Single-sided Adhesive Panel)

Black Color that Enhances Your Work

We are releasing gBlack Harepane,h a black version of Harepane, a self-adhesive foam panel released in 1972, which won the Good Long Life Design Award in 2016.

While the original Harepane uses white foam board, Black Harepane uses black foam board@for the base material, as the name suggests. Since the board is black, it allows your work to be more striking, as well as imparts a luxurious feeling.

Just like the original Harepane, simply remove the backing paper on the adhesive surface, so as to attach posters, photos and advertisements easily and beautifully. We recommend our Black Harepane when you need your display to be distinctive.

œ Once sealed, the bond is permanent.
œ Easy to cut with a cutter, allowing quick, simple customization.

Black Harepane (Single-sided Adhesive Panel)
œPaper size: B1, A1
œProduct number: AB1-5-2400B, AA1-5-1650B
œProduct Code: 8001209, 8001210
œJAN Code: 4977114-806780, 4977114-806797
œSize: 1080 ~ 760~ 5mm, average weight 525g, 910 ~ 605~ 5mm, average weight 355g
œMaterial: Base material: Extruded polystyrene foam (expansion ratio 16 times)
œPackaging: 10 sheets

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