march 7, 2017

A Release of New Color of Drafting Mechanical Pencil gPRO-USEh

Platinum Pen will launch a new matt black model of gPRO-USE,h a long time selling mechanical pencil for professional drafting since its first launch in 1999.

This lightweight mechanical pencil has an aluminum body and with a flat 2mm thickness aluminum grip. The low center gravity design enables users to hold it for long period of time, which makes it suitable for professional drafting use. The black body provides a noble impression, while being a stylish analog tool, it makes a good combination to carry with digital devices.

gPRO-USEhMechanical Pencil
œProduct number: MSD-1300A,MSD-1300B,MSD-1300C
œLead: 0.3mm,0.5mm,0.7mm
œBarrel color: #1 Black
œJAN Code: 4977114-209970,4977114-209987,4977114-209994
œMaterial: Body barrel, gripper, knock: Black alumite coating on aluminum
Clip: Matt black coating on iron
Taper: Matt black coating on brass
Ring: Chrome plating on brass (MSD-1300A)
Alumite coating on aluminum (MSD-1300B₯MSD-1300Cj
œSize: 143 mm (full length) ~ 9.4mm (max. diameter)
Average weight 14.8g
œAccessories: Eraser: Eraser-100LA
œNaming: Body: Screen and pad printing

email ;intl@platinum-pen.co.jp