March 6, 2017
Release of Paint Marker Friendly to People
and the EnvironmentIdeal for Crafting or DIY Projects!

Low-odor xylene-free ink, safe to use at home

 #1 Black
 #3 White
 #8 Gold
 #9 Silver
 #10 Red
 #21 Pink
 #32 Fluorescent Yellow
 #56 Blue

Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will be launching paint marker g330h friendly to people and the environment.

In recent years, sustainability* has become an important objective in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers have begun minimizing the use of substances and materials that may negatively affect the environment and the human body. There used to be a lot of paint markers containing xylene* with a strong smell. We received requests from customers for a safe paint marker that can be used for crafting or domestic applications. While retaining the same functions such as being permanent, quick-drying, and heat and water resistant, we have created 330 using an alcohol-based solvent instead of xylene. Since it does not contain any VOC13 substances, it is safe to use in both industrial and domestic applications like crafting or DIY projects.

*Sustainability refers to industries and developments that can sustain and preserve the global environment.
*Xylene is a volatile organic compound, one of 13 substances with high health risks, singled out by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in their guidelines.

Paint Marker 330
œProduct number: CPMA-200
œInk color: #1 Black, #3White, #8 Gold, #9 Silver, #10 Red, #21 Pink, #32 Fluorescent Yellow, #56 Blue
œPen width: 1-2mm
œSpecifications: Barrel: Aluminum;Cap/cover: PP resin;Nib: Polyester;
Ink: Alcohol-based solvent, pigment ink
œSize: 140.5mm (with cap on) ~ 18.5mm (max. diameter excluding the stopper),
Average weight 20g

email ;intl@platinum-pen.co.jp