December 12, 2016
New Video Uploaded of gRelay of Messages Written by Fountain Pen Enthusiast,h Written by Actress Reiko Takashima
What Message Has She Chosen to Write at the Year-End?

A video series promoting the beauty of sending hand-written letters


Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) has been releasing videos of the grelay of messages written by fountain pen enthusiasth on YouTube since 2014. Eight new relay videos will be released including a message from the famous actress Reiko Takashima starting on December 12, 2016.

The very first message had been written using a fountain pen, folded into the shape of a paper airplane and sent from our factory with hopes to connect people. The videos are currently up on YouTube. Over recent years, sending texts and emails have been the common methods of communication. Our intention is to show the beauty of sending letters with your own style of handwriting as well as to gain peoplefs interests in fountain pens and motivate them to write.

Particularly, there has been a significant growth in the number of female fountain pen users in recent years, as we have many customers visiting the stores to get the ones that meet their needs. In order to expand the interest to a wider range of customers, we have asked a variety of casts to participate in this promotional campaign. As the main feature of the event, famous actress Reiko Takashima will be participating in the video message. The filming took place in a private place showing a glimpse of the true face of the actress. Donft miss what she has written in the letter.

Platinum Pen grelay of messages written by fountain pen enthusiasthon YouTube

*Some of the current participants:

Mr. Souun Takeda, kanji artist
Mr. Tadashi Tsuchihashi, stationery director
Ms. Misato Kan, stationery sommelier (gained popularity after appearing in TBS TV show, gMatsuko no shiranai sekaih)
Ms. Yoshiko Morishita, dramatist of NHK gGochisousan,h gJIN,h gCrying Out Love, In the Center of the Worldh
Ms. Nobuko Tsutsumi, freelance announcer

*New participants:

Ms. Shinko Fukushima, deputy editor for web magazine gMainichi-bunbouguh
Mr. Yoshinori Takagi, organizer of gBungu-matsurih
Mr. Yasukuni Noutomi, writer of gOtoko no kodawari goodsh at gAll abouth
Mr. Masayuki Takabatake, the gking of stationeryh on the TV Tokyo show gTV Championh for three years
Mr. Keisuke Hara, organizer of gBunguasakatsukaih
Mr. Shigeki Shimizu, chief editor of gShumi no Bungubako,h Ei Publishing
Ms. Reiko Takashima, actress
Ms. Nahomi Noritsuke, Representative Director of Platinum Pen

email ;intl@platinum-pen.co.jp