November 18, 2016
Limited-Edition Collaboration Fountain Pen “récolte”
Isetan Mitsukoshi “Hyakunen Hyakka”

A Release of Limited-Edition Collaboration Fountain Pen “récolte” Based on the #3776 CENTURY Models

On November 23 (Wed/holiday), 2016, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will release a collaboration fountain pen based on its #3776 CENTURY models produced by Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo) and Ms. Nobuko Tsutsumi, Director of Notre Merci Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo), available for pre-sale through Isetan Shinjuku Store and Isetan Mitsukoshi online store.

“Hyakunen Hyakka” is a project supported by craftsmen and Isetan Mitsukoshi, which was created based on the motto of “use forever, convey forever.” In this project, Ms. Tsutsumi has presented the idea of the collaboration with “The PREMIUM MALT’S Master’s Dream,” made by SUNTORY’s beer-brewers who are also pursuing a creation of high quality products.

The French word “récolte” meaning “harvest” is also a word that can be used to express a unique collaboration between the beer and the fountain pen brought together in the “harvest season.” It is a masterpiece that can be used to compose one’s thoughts, which makes it also a perfect end-of-year gift for a loved one given as a lucky charm.

<Introduction of Ms. Nobuko Tsutsumi>
A freelance announcer and a stationery producer who writes series for papers and website magazines while having published many books about stationery.

<Product Features>  
The cap of the fountain pen has a deeper amber color inspired by the image of a quality beer. The barrel has a slightly lighter amber color than the cap. Both are amplified with the applied coat of fine glitter expressing the beautiful bubbles unique to the “Master’s Dream.”。
The stopper was designed as an image of number “1,” which symbolizes the hope for “aiming for the top,” “first challenge,” and “continue manufacturing for a century.” It also has a design of the grain and hops, which symbolizes the prosperity of the selected ingredients used to create diamond malt.
The tip of the pen is also engraved with the design of an image of the grain and hops.
The ink bottle has an original sticker that highlights its contents of earth brown color ink.
It is based on the #3776 CENTURY models, which applies a maintenance-free “Slip and Seal Cap Mechanism” preventing ink from drying for about two years. It also allows you to use the pigment inks, which offers a smooth writing with fresh ink.

●Product name: récolte *Original fountain pen based on the #3776 CENTURY models
●Original parts: Barrel color, engraving on the center ring, stopper (on the clip), engraving on the nib: 14k gold wide with laser engraving
●Size:  139.5mm (full length) ×15.4mm (max. diameter); weight: 21.5g
●Accessories:   Ink bottle (earth brown color), converter
beers (two bottles of Master’s Dream 305ml), exclusive box
●Limited number: 300 pens (serial number engraved on a body), previous reservation or specification of serial number are not accepted
●Sales location:   Isetan Shinjuku Store Main building, pre-sale through Isetan Shinjuku store and Isetan Mitsukoshi online store (will be sold at Isetan Mitsukoshi group stores)
<Event Information >

Following the release of the launch of the collaboration
fountain pen, a talk show by Ms. Nobuko Tsutsumi will be
held as follows:

Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F Personal Room
On November 23 (Wed), November 26 (Sat) and
November 27 (Sun)
from 15:00, respectively

email ;intl@platinum-pen.co.jp