August 25, 2016
gPRESS MAN,h the Only Long-time Selling Japanese Mechanical Pencil Created for Stenographers, to Release New Colors for the First Time after 38 Years

Five new retro-flavored colors inspired by Showa-period to be released

On September 1, 2016, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will release five new colors of gPRESS MAN,h the only mechanical pencil that for a long time has been recognized for stenography writing in Japan, and it has been modified for the first time after 38 years. A product that has been sold at the same price since its first launch in 1978 was available only in black color up to the present.

PRESS MAN, one of our long-time selling products, is a mechanical pencil that was developed to meet the needs of the stenographers and the journalists. Amid ongoing stationery booms, a number of customers who purchase professional-use writing instruments for daily use has increased and a greater demand for new colors for PRESS MAN other than black has grown. At this time, in response to such demands, we will release new colors, which express a historical theme of the time when the product was first released. The color lines were inspired from the clear plastic colors close to the primary colors, which were often used in the 1980s among many domestic and household electronics products. We believe they provide us with both a nostalgic feel and a fresh taste among modern products. Please enjoy the pleasure of writing feel and the functions of a professional as well as the new colorful bodies, which provide a casual impression unlike the original black color.

Features of PRESS MAN Mechanical Pencil
The thick lead of 0.9mm and the built-in gSafety Slide Mechanism,h in which the lead slides when a strong pressure is applied, prevent the lead from breaking. To ensure a continuous quality of writing, the mechanical pencil comes with a 100mm pencil lead, while the standard length of a pencil lead is typically around 60mm. For this reason, PRESS MAN has been widely used not just by stenographers, but also loved for many years among other professionals such as writers, creators, and copywriters with creative jobs for being an appropriate pencil for sketching images.

Product number: MPS-200
Body color: #1 Black (conventional color), #3 White, #11 Red, #41 Green, #56 Blue, #68 Yellow
Specifications: Barrel (ABS resin); taper (silver plating on brass); clip (silver plating on iron)
Size: 148mm (full length) ~ 9mm (max. diameter),
Average weight 8.1g
Lead: 2B 100mm

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