May 09, 2016

gKurikara-Kenh Fountain Pen to Be Released from Our gIzumoh Series
Created with the Highest Quality Craftsmanship

-- The image of gKurikara Ryu-oh swallowing a huge sword is expressed
on the body through taka maki-e technique using charcoal powder --

On May 10 (Tue), 2016, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will launch gKurikara-Ken,h a new fountain pen produced using sumiko taka maki-e technique, from its Izumo Brand created through the most advanced techniques.

Unlike the general taka maki-e*1 technique used in lacquer products, the sumiko taka maki-e technique used to express the image of Kurikara Ryu-o (the dragon) swallowing a huge sword involves a number of processes as the sumiko (charcoal powder) is applied several times to raise the area.

*1 Taka maki-e: Oil smoke is mixed into a transparent urushi lacquer to enhance thickness. Then, gold and silver powders are sprinkled over the raised section.

The image of Kurikara Ryu-o (the dragon): A technique called sumikoage, in which fine charcoal powders are applied several times to create a three-dimensional effect is used. Then, lustrous roiro urushi lacquer is applied over the matte-finished black urushi lacquer to express the facial expression. This technique, which requires a high skill to illustrate Kurikara Ryu-o dragon against the matte background, allows users to enjoy the changes as the face of the dragon becomes glossier throughout time and regular use.

The image of the huge sword: Black lacquer is applied over the silver parts raised using taka maki-e and the surface is polished to make it stand out. The overwhelming contrast between the dragon and the sword as well as the very detailed finish give volume to the body design thus providing an unparalleled presence to the product.

About gKurikara-Kenh

Legend has it that Fudo Myo-o changed himself into a huge sword when he had a battle over divine power against a devil. Since the devil also changed himself into the same sword, Fudo Myo-o then transformed into a dragon or Kurikara Ryu-o, so as to swallow the devil morphed into a sword. The devil was overwhelmed by Kurikara Ryu-ofs breath that was as fierce as billions of thunders fulminating at the same time, finally surrendered to Kurikara Ryu-o. Such an image is dynamically depicted on Kurikara-Ken fountain pen, providing an excellent presence.

Product Features

Izumo taka maki-e Kurikara-Ken fountain pen (the initial production of 600 units come with a serial number)

gTaka maki-e, gKurikara-KenhIzumo fountain penh

Product number: PIZ-120000K
Body color: 1 Kurikara-Ken
Size: 154mm (134 mm full length when writing) ~18mm (max. diameter), average weight 33.7 g
Specifications: Barrel, cap (sumiko taka maki-e on ebonite body)
Clip (beryllium copper on matte ruthenium finish)
Grip (AS resin)
Nib: 18k gold wide (ruthenium finish) / Fine, Medium, Broad
Accessories: Ink bottle (30cc)
one cartridge ink
converter (exclusive for Kurikara-Ken)
pen pouch
exclusive box made of paulownia wood

email ;intl@platinum-pen.co.jp